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Come and try the feeling of liberty and join us for a paragliding flight near Brașov. You will feel safe during your paragliding flight together with one of our experienced pilots and using our professional equipment. The only thing required from you is a few steps for the take off and a few more for the landing, and of course a drop of courage. 

If is for the first time that you experience the tandem paragliding we invite you for a basic flight from Bunloc (1200m), or Postavaru peak (1800m) in Poiana Brasov. If, on the other hand you want more – more time in the air, flying higher and further… well, you will choose in this case a long flight from same locations in Bunloc or Poiana Brasov. 

your next paragliding flight

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Basic flight Bunloc


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  • admin
    Posted on Tuesday June 12th, 2018 at 11:34 AM

    Pentru sezonul de vară zburăm în principal de la Bunloc, însă puteți opta pentru un zbor lung… adică mai mult timp de stat în aer, mai sus, mai departe. Pentru un astfel de zbor trebuie însă să fiți pregătiți, în special dacă știți că aveți rău de mișcare. În orice caz pilotul va discuta în permanență cu dumneavoastră iar durata zborului se poate adapta în funcție de fiecare client.

  • admin
    Posted on Friday December 27th, 2019 at 07:30 PM

    For the winter season 2019-2020 we will be in Poiana Brasov in all flyable days from 09.00 to 16.00 daily. You can reserve your flight at any moment but for a more accurated forecast, please call us with one day before the day you would like the flight to take place.

    Please note that our prices include pictures and video during the flight as standard, but cable car is separate.


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