For memorable experiences. Paragliding flights and sailing tours


Be closer to nature, to your freedom and join us for playing with the wind.

In the sky we invite your for a tandem paragliding flight

We find for you new places and experiences, but most of all we help you overcome your own limits, be it real or imaginary ones.

All about playing with the wind

Our services

Basic flight

For those discovering for the first time the magic of free flying

Voucher cadou

Oferă cuiva drag un cadou plin de adrenalină: un zbor cu parapanta în tandem.

Long duration flight

Is for those of you that wants more. More time in the sky, higher, further. Previous experience is not mandatory

Sailing tours

It is your holiday in a different way. One week sailing aboard a yacht in Greece or Croatia.

Dare to fly ! Come with us to your next adventure: paragliding tandem flight above the city of Brasvo. And yes, is that adventure available for alost everyone have a drop of courage and can run for a few steps, so - you included.

It is si also because paragliding is the easiest way you can try out the free flight. We are proposing you more flying types you can choose from. You can try a basic flight or a long duration flight from various location around Brasov city. Regardless you choice you will always fly together with an experienced paragliding tandem pilot. Also, for your safety all our equipment is certified and periodically checked. As for limitations with us you will not have age limits but only weight limit: 30-100 kg. Children will fly with tutors agreement. Find here more about our terms and conditions

Mountain landscapes100%
Your safety100%
Experienced pilots100%

your next sailing holiday Happy Cloud organize tours aboard sailing yachts. We sail in different location along Mediterranean Sea, especially in Greece or Croatia but venturing sometimes in Spain, Italy or even Tenerife and Sweden. So, pick your best friends, choose one of our tours and let us explore! As an alternative, tell us about your dream destination and we will make it real. We usually sail 7 days and we prefer compact groups - people that get along well with each other.

Our aim is to offer you a more than reasonable price alternative. So, with us a sailing tour will cost you as little as a normal hotel stay. With the difference of being in a different location each evening. We will explore together small fishing villages and coastal cities or idyllic gulfs. But you will equally learn a lot about sailing but also be prepared for a lot of swimming in the blue sea and dream beaches !

Yacht Sailing85%
New places100%

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