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tandem paragliding

Dare to fly !

We propose you several types of paragliding tandem flights: leisure flights, long distance/duration flights in different locations around Brasov. You will always fly together with a licensed tandem pilot; as well our equipment is certified and periodically checked. You do not need any special training prior your flight but you will have to be ready to make a few running steps for the takeoff and landing as the pilot will instruct you. There is a weight limit of 30-100 kg, and children will fly with their parents agreement. Please do not forget your mountain shoes and long sleeves even if is summer outside.

Where do we fly?

1.Bunloc, Sacele, Brasov

Take off: 45°35’22” (45.5895)N; 25°39’51” (25.6642)E – Alt : 1172 m.

Landing: 45°36’18” (45.6052)N; 25°39’33” (25.6593)E – Alt : 659 m

Right before the cross road at the entry in Brasov from DN1 from Bucharest you will find probably one of the most popular flying sites for tandem paragliding: Bunloc. We will take-off from 1200m and land at 700m. Therefore with a level difference of aprox. 500m you will admire from above the cities of Brasov and Sacele but the scenery continues with great views over Bucegi and Baiului mountains. It is the most popular flying spot also because is very acesible with a cable car leading to the take-off and landing near the parking place.

Best season to fly here: In general, Bunloc is the location we are using from April to October, but sometimes also in the winter.

2. Priseaca, Stoenesti, Arges

Take off:  45°17’29” (45.2914)N; 25°12’31” (25.2087)E – Alt : 1290 m.

Copil la Bunloc in ParapantaRight in the heart of Leaota mountains, in a less touristical place, Priseaca is perfect for thermal flying! With the great help of the local micro climate we will be able to go up to the clouds and land back right on the plateau that we have used for take off, or in the valley below, in the village of Stoenesti. Priseaca is the former place of many national and international competitions. However, the flight itself will be spiced with a real off-road adventure, as we will go up to the take off place with the most picturesque off road vehicle you have ever seen. To get here, you will have to come directly to the center of Stoenesti village, Arges County, just a few km away from the city of Campulung.

Best season to fly here: All year long.


3. Postavaru, Poiana Brasov


take off: 45°34’3″ (45.5675)N; 25°33’50” (25.564)E – Elevation : 1768 m.

landing: 45°35’33” (45.5925)N; 25°33’19” (25.5553)E – Elevation : 1028 m.

This flying site is more spectacular, as we will take off from 1900m from Postavaru Peak and we will land in the famous mountain resort Poiana Brasov. Although more spectacular that Bunloc, Poiana Brasov is not always usable due to high altitude winds. Therefore we prefer this location for winter flights. If you are a big fan of winter sports why not combining then sky or snowboarding with a paragliding ride?

Best season to fly here: We prefer Postavaru for the winter. Although is a year-long usable, in the summer thermals are strong and we will use it in this period only for thermal or cross country flights.


4. Caraiman Cross, Bucegi mountains

take off: 45°24’59” (45.4165)N; 25°29’32” (25.4923)E – Elevation : 2291 m.

landing: 45°23’56” (45.3989)N; 25°32’20” (25.5391)E – Elevation : 850 m.

If you will fly from here, for sure you will not forget it soon! The scenery is beyond words and even the fact that you will fly over crevasse and forests at altitudes above 2000m is a breath taking experience! We will climb with the cable car from Busteni especially in the months of October and November when the valley wind will allow us to land safely. Please check the Video section here. 

Best season to fly here: This is a special place, also due to strong valley winds in the afternoon. October and November are the best (and in some years the only) flyable period in here.

5. Măgura Branului, Predeluț, Brașov

take off: 45°31’28” (45.5246)N; 25°19’9″ (25.3194)E – Elevation : 1251 m.

landing: 45°32’49” (45.5471)N; 25°18’11” (25.3031)E – Elevation : 759 m

Starting from the city of Zarnesti on the road leading to “Gura Râului” chalet, one of the entry gates to Piatra Craiului mountains, the road will lead us to Magura village, where we will leave our cars and we will start climbing on foot for about 40 min carrying our gliders with us. Magura Branului is one of the best flying sites for long hours in the air. From here we will be able to admire the peaks of Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains but also the famous Bran castle from above.

Best season to fly here: Summer and beginning of the autumn

Types of flight

Choose the paragliding flight type that best suits you! Based on your budget, season of the year, or your degree of adventure your soul have, you can now choose from a calm flight of 15 minutes air time up to an adventure flight where we will go together for miles in the air and we will stay airborne for 30 to 120 minutes!

  1. Initiation flight (basic) – ideal for those discovering for the first time the beauty of free flight we are proposing you a leisure flight from Bunloc or Poiana Brașov (Postavaru peak) in maximum safety and comfort. If we take-off from Bunloc peak flight duration is 10-15 min but you will need a total of 45 min (including going up and flight preparation). If we take off from Postavaru peak the total airborne time is 15-20 min and you will need a total of 60 min (including going up with the cable car and flight preparation). As an option we offer you full HD filming and pictures of your flight that you can receive after landing on a micro SD or stick.
  2. Distance flight (advanced) – best for those of you that had tried paragliding flight before and wants more than just a leisure flight! More time to stay airborne, further and higher! We can easily climb at heights above 2000 m we can cross forests and fly over mountains top. A completely new experience but you need to be ready for it. It is therefore recommended for those of you that tried the initiation flight and do not have motion sickness. This type of flight can be experienced between April and September in particular days, with take-off after 11.00 AM. We will leave from Bunloc, Postavaru or Măgura Branului with a total airborne time of 30-60 min. Total time needed – 2.5 hours. HD filming is also offered as an option.
  3. “Walk & Fly” – for those mountain tracking lovers we have the possibility to combine flying with tracking! We will choose this time Măgura Branului or Cheia/Muntele Roşu as flying places. We will go by car up to a point where we have aprox 40 min walking up to the take-off places. Total time needed is minimum 120 min, and we will need minimum 3 participants for this type of flight. Again you can have your HD filming and pictures after the flight.