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Paragliding tandem flights

Dare to fly !

...and try the feeling of absolute freedom that only paragliding can offer. Join us for a tandem flight in Brasov. You will meet our team of pilots - licencee in passenger flight and always flying with good equipment.

Even if we have more flying types from which you can choose from if you never flew before we recommend you for the beginning a basic paragliding flight from Bunloc. Total time is about 60 min (including going up with the cable car and flight preparation) for each passenger. Full HD videos and pictures will transform your experience in a memorable adventure.

Flying spots

1.Bunloc, Sacele, Brasov

take off:: 45°35’22” (45.5895)N; 25°39’51” (25.6642)E – Alt : 1172 m.

landing:: 45°36’18” (45.6052)N; 25°39’33” (25.6593)E – Alt : 659 m

Just before entering in Brasov from Bucharest direction you will find the most popular flying location for tandem paragliding - Bunloc. We will take off at 1200 m and land at approx. 700 m altitude. That will give us a 500 m level difference. From here you will be able to enjoy the view of Brasov and Sacele cities. But the view will continue with Bucegi and Baiului mountains. It is the most popular flying spot also because is very accessible - we have here a cable car taking us just at the takeoff. As for the landing - you will find it near the parking lot.

When we fly here: In general Bunloc is our summer location. We use it from April to October but sometimes in the winter too.


2. Priseaca, Stoenesti, Arges

take off:  45°17’29” (45.2914)N; 25°12’31” (25.2087)E – Alt : 1290 m.

Laid in the hearth of Leaota Mountains in less touristic area, Priseaca is the ideal spot for thermal flying. Here, with the help of the upstream currents but also due to the local climate, we will be able to fly high, up to the cloud base! The landing will be either on top of the mountain, or down the valley in Stoenesti village. Priseaca is a spot with a "pedigree" being one of the spots where national and international paragliding championship took place. The flight itself will be spiced up with a special 4x4 vehicle (perhaps the most funny you have seen so far) that will take us to the take off. Meeting point for our flights from here is the center of Stoenesti village, Arges county, a few km away from the city of Campulung

When we fly here: February - November


3. Postavaru, Poiana Brasov

take off: 45°34’3″ (45.5675)N; 25°33’50” (25.564)E – Alt : 1768 m.

landing: 45°35’33” (45.5925)N; 25°33’19” (25.5553)E – Alt : 1028 m.

The flight from here is more spectacular, with the take off at 1800 m (the height of Postavaru peak). The landing is just in Poiana Brasov sky resort. However we will tell you from the start that Poiana Brasov is not accesible every day, being more exposed to the winds. From this very reason we will use it especially for winter flights. So, if you come for a sky or snowboarding Holiday you can combine this pleasure with the adrenaline of a memorable flight. Please check also our pictures gallery to have glimpse of what winter flying means.

When we fly here: November - March. For the rest of the year we will uese it seldom, especially for long flights or cross country adventures.


Caraiman Cross, Bucegi

take off: 45°24’59” (45.4165)N; 25°29’32” (25.4923)E – Alt : 2291 m.

landing: 45°23’56” (45.3989)N; 25°32’20” (25.5391)E – Alt : 850 m.

If you are lucky enough to fly from here, for sure you will not forget easily. The landscape is beyond words, and even the fact that we will glide over crevasses and forests at above 2200 m will for sure leave you breathless! We will go up with the cable car from Busteni and we fly from here mainly in October and Novemberwhen the valley wind will allow us to safely land down below in Parahova Valley Please check out our presentation movie here.

When we fly here: October and November


5. Măgura Branului, Predeluț, Brașov

take off: 45°31’28” (45.5246)N; 25°19’9″ (25.3194)E – Alt : 1251 m.

landing: 45°32’49” (45.5471)N; 25°18’11” (25.3031)E – Alt : 759 m

Starting from the small city of Zarnesti, we will go towards Magura Village, one of the "entry gate" to the magnificent Piatra Craiului mountains. Here we will park the cars and we will start our ascent to the take off on foot for aprox 40 min. This flying spot is ideal for long flights, for endless hours in the air. From here we will be able to admire from the air the famous Dracula Castle but also the peaks of Piatra Craiului mountains

When we fly here: Summer months and beginning of autumn, especially in the afternoon

Flying types

WITH US YOU CAN CHOOSE ! And because we have several paragliding flight types - you can decide wether you want a basic flight or a longer one. And if your adventure spirit pushes you towards a cross country flight - with us you will find exactly what you need!

Basic paragliding tandem flight from Brasov

This is the most popular flight type due to accessibility and reduced costs. It is intended especially for those of you that will taste for the first time the beauty of free flying - paragliding. We propose you a calm flight from Bunloc or Poiana Brasov in maximum comfort and security. Only for the brave (and without motion sickness) we have the "adrenaline" option where we will try together wing-overs and spirals. If we take off from Bunloc peak in Sacele, we will need 60 min of total time with an airborne time of 10-15 min. From Postavaru peak in Poiana Brasov we will need again 60 min of total time with 15-20 min air time. Either way, for a memorable experience - you will have pictures and video included in the price.

Long paragliding tandem flight (thermal)

It is recommended for those of you that have tasted before the pleasure of free flying and want more. More time in the air, higher, further! Using upstream currents we will climb at 2000m altitude or more, we will cross forests and valleys and glide over mountain tops. It is a different experience and you should be ready for it ! Such a flight you can experience from April to September and only in the thermal active days with take off after 11.00. If we fly from either Bunloc or Poiana Brasov flying spots the total time you need is aprox 90 min with an air time of 25-35 min

“Walk & Fly”

Is not a common type of flight and we propose it for you - mountain adventurers and hikers. Paragliding is after all a mountain sport and for this reason we want to give you the opportunity to combine paragliding flight with mountain trail! Therefore this time we will choose as flying spot AMgura Branului or Cheia/Muntele Rosu We will use the car to reach a certain point followeb ny a 40-60 min hike to the take off. A +15min flight back to the car or valley below will transform this in a memorable experience ! We will, however need a minimum of 3 participants. As always with Happy Cloud, the video and pictures will be included in the price.

zbor parapanta tandem la Postavaru