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Paragliding school


Learn to fly with us! Or.. continue your paragliding training. At Happy Cloud you will find paragliding courses perfectly adapted to your skill level: starting with “Pilot for one day” – for those undecided, all the way to beginner coursefor the enthusiastic beginners up to course for intermediate students  – for those on their way to obtain paragliding license and not the last thermal coursefor those looking to continuously improve their skills.

Pilot for one day

Is our simple way you make you discover paragliding. Let's find out together if this is your future passion - or not. What will happen is that during one day you will get accustomed with our equipment, main points related to take off and landing and you will probably have the chance to get one or more flights from a small hill. Duration: 4-8 hours Location: Brasov and nearby hills

Beginner course (stage 1)

Aimed for enthusiastic newcomers this module is both a theoretical and practical learning session in agreement with European ParaPro 1 and ParaPro2 norms. At the end of this module you will be able: - to understand some basic notions on aerodynamics, meteorology, paragliding construction, legal requirements - to ground handle your glider - to fly under assistance from small altitude (50-100m) - to perform turns in the air and landing in a determined area - to learn correct landing and take off techniques Duration: 5-7 flying days, consecutive or split in two sessions Location: Preferably near Brasov but flexible on groups

Advanced module (Stage 2)

This module is aimed for the students already graduated from stage 1. It is a theoretical and practical module according with the European requirements ParaPro 2 and 3 and based on this you will be qualified for taking your license exams as a paragliding pilot. Final goal is to accumulate 10 hours in flight out of those a minimum 2 hours from 3 flights and 50 hours of theory. Is a complex module where you will learn to fly in various situations such as soaring, mid-high alpine take off, landing in limited space, learn few descent methods as big ears, use of speed bar, basic notion of thermal flying and many more. This is not an intensive course and we take our time to offer you a safe learning.

Thermal training

Is a training aimed in general for the licensed pilots. The goal is to learn in an interactive way the spiraling techniques and the principles of distance flying. We will use both learning in tandem (flying with the instructor) and radio guided solo flights. Of course we will have some theoretical notions about thermal upstream: how is it formed, where to find it, etc. Duration 3-4 flying days.

About our paragliding training: 

A. Target: Future students should be at least 15 years in age, There is no upper age limit, but we recomand an average physical condition. weight limits are 40-110 kg.

B. Necessary equipment: mountain boots, gloves, long trousers. The rest of the flying equipment (paraglider, harness, helmet) will be provided by us.

C. Duration of the training: Stage 1 training (beginners) last 5-7 days and is an intensive training. If the weather will not allow consecutive days we will split ti in two sessions. Stage 2 training (advanced) in preparation for exam can last a lot longer depending on your native skills. We want to make sure that paragliding is first of all a safe experience for you, and therefore the duration is flexible, depending on your skills but not more than 6 monts

D. Flying spots: mainly from the hills around Brasov, but depending on the group dynamic we can move in other locations across the Romania, for example closer to Bucharest, or Dobrogea region

E. Your safety: is mainly given by a healthy learning habit: small steps at a time followed by a stability phase. Not of a lower importance is our equipment – certified and periodically checked. You will have from us the paraglider, helmet and harness. However the decision to practice this beautiful sport  is yours and at the beginning of the training you will give a written statement.

F. About our instructors: Pilot instructor with over 15 years of experience: Cristi Tutunea. Tandem pilot and instructor trainee with over 10 years of experience: Măcrin Desa Check here our team.


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