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Flying in Brașov, Romania, in the middle of Transylvania, we are a team of instructors and paragliding pilots, (but first of all  friends) with mixed skills in the art or paragliding, all driven by the same passion: being up there, touching the clouds and sharing our experience with you in the same time!

Dare to fly ! and join us in a new adventure: paragliding flights above Brasov and nearby.

We propose you several types of paragliding tandem flights: leisure flights, long distance/duration flights in different locations around Brașov. You will always fly together with a licensed tandem pilot; as well our equipment is certified and periodically checked. You do not need any special training prior your flight but you will have to be ready to make a few running steps for the takeoff and landing as the pilot will instruct you. There is a weight limit of 30-100 kg, and children will fly with their parents agreement.

Scenic flight100%
Long duration flight85%
Your safety90%
skilled guides90%

Learn to fly with us. We offer paragliding training near Brașov or Bucharest for all tastes: from one day trial to beginners and up to advanced students.

  1. Paragliding courses for beginners (stage 1) is where you will learn to control your glider on the ground, you will learn take off and landing techniques and perform several low altitude flights.

  2. Courses for intermediate students (stage 2) where, in your preparation for paragliding pilot exam, you will perform assisted mid altitude flights in mountain areas, take off and landing in limited spaces, learn to perform safety maneuvers and many more.

  3. For those of you – young pilots wishing more time in the air we have prepared a thermal course (for pilots), from May to September.

All level training85%
Safe learning95%
Equipment provided100%
Skilled instructors90%

Think about joining us in another form of adventure – the one where you will discover Transylvania from the sky!

For licensed pilots and their friends but for flying schools alike we organize paragliding guided tours across Transylvania, offering full packages with accommodation and transport to the take off but also retrieval after flight.

Carefully choosing the best take off places with safe and reliable landings as per each season of the year, we will guide you in the heart of Carpathian Mountains for a memorable flying experience. As a starting point we have choose the city of Brașov, surrounded by mountains and being at a reasonable distance from the best flying places around.

Scenic flight100%
Your safety90%
Profesional skilled pilots95%
Certified equipment100%

Paragliding pilots and instructors with over 10 years experience

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Basic flight

For those of you discovering for the first time the magic of free flying - the best introduction.

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For those of you that want more: More time in the air, higher altitude and beautiful landscapes .

Pilot for one day

Just a taste on how it feels to be a paragliding pilot. You will fly from a hill using our equipment

Paragliding training

Learn to become a pilot, or improve your skills with us. Find out about various level training.

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